A single-cell based method for predicting functional maturation transcription factors

Figure showing that SinCMat ouptut are maturation TFs that target functional genes and its use to produce mature cells

What is SinCMat?

SinCMat is a single-cell RNA-seq based computational platform for identifying maturation transcription factors required for the generation of functionally mature cells.


To assess the performance of SinCMat, a manually curated database providing a total of 1406 experimentally validated maturation cues (including TFs as well as exogenous treatments) has been created.

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An atlas of maturation TFs: application of SinCMat

We applied SinCMat to a wide range of cell types from the Mouse Cell Atlas and the Tabula Sapiens. We propose here a compendium of maturation transcription factors for mouse and human.

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Where to get source code?

The code repository with relevant description for the pipeline is available at

Please note that SinCMat is a research tool NOT intended/approved for clinical use

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